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Handwheels (Handwheel)

Our industrial handwheels and indicators are used to adjust a variety of machine functions and are great for any application where adjustments need to be made via a turning mechanism. Engineered and manufactured to strict standards, our industrial handwheels can be used in every industrial product. Our industrial handwheels are available in several materials including: plastic, stainless steel, zinc and steel. Many of our handwheels are available in many styles and in several color options.

Note: Set Screws and Keyways are available, contact sales.

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Aluminum Handwheel


Custom MFG of Item

Aluminum Handwheels (24 Styles)

Plastic Handwheels (30 Styles)


handwheels_stainless Steel



Stainless Steel Handwheel (4 Styles)

Cast Iron Handwheels (2 Styles)

Monroe Engineering