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Industrial Handles

We have one of the largest varieties of industrial handles. We have adjustable handles, pull handles, crank handles, finger handles, fold-a-way handles, revolving handles, speed ball handles and much more. Engineered and manufactured to strict standards, we have the type of handles you need for your industrial product. Our handles are available in several materials including: plastic, stainless steel, zinc and steel. Many of our handles are available in many styles and in several color options.

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Custom MFG of Item

Adjustable Handles, Clamping Levers

Crank Handles



handle sleeve

Finger Handles - Inch


Fluted Grip Handle Sleeve - Metric


Handle Sleeve (7 Styles)

revolving fold a way

revolving handles


Fold-A-Way Handles (7 Styles)

Revolving Handles (14 Styles)

Speed Ball Handles (5 Styles)


t handles


Spinner Knob - Metric


T Handles (18 Styles)

Pull Handles (Pull Handle)

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