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  • Push/Pull Action Toggle Clamps

    Push or Pull toggle clamps are toggle clamps that are used when a straight line clamping process is required. Most of the designs are according to the over-center toggle lock in pulling and extended position. It helps the toggle process to be lamped with both pushing and pulling movement. These kinds of clamps also have the high mechanical benefits for improved clamping force with minimal operator attempt.

  • Latch Type Toggle Clamps

    Latch toggle clamp is a kind of clamp variation that is applied when a straight pulling action is required. The adaptable clamp is perfect for holding things at one place like doors, molds and lids among others. These kinds of clamps have high mechanical benefits for better pulling force. Some of the models related to these clamps include U-shaped hooks or J-shaped hooks.

  • Horizontal Handle Toggle Clamps

    When the clamp is locked, the handles of Horizontal Handle Toggle clamps are horizontally placed. The Clamping force is directed at an angle of 90 degree to the clamping arm by the hold down clamps. There is a wide range of capacities of holding and industr standard mounting patterns that suits the needs of people.

  • Vertical Handle Toggle Clamps

    Vertical Handle Toggle clamps have vertically positioned handles, while the clamp is locked. The clamping force is directed perpendicular to the clamping arm is controlled by the hold down clamps. Vertical Handle Toggle clamps are found along with solid clamping bars and flanged bases in order to escalate to planar surfaces or doing blade type mounting. A number of different options with stronger holding capacities are available for you to chose from in accordance with the requirements.

  • Toggle Clamp Accesories